Robby here.

Here’s a sketch I found on my hard drive from when me and Fred were working up some new attack ideas. Artie, covered in smoke as she runs around, and some armor-ey stuff for the turtle-mole that was very clearly inspired from NinoKuni.

There have not been any updates for a while, and I apologize, and I know a simple black and white sketch isn’t much after several months of nothing. Fred is perpetually busy with about a million different projects, and he just moved several states over to spend more time with his family, and I’ve working various jobs to pay my rent. Working in comics is fun, but it ain’t easy. We still have a couple more stories to tell with this group, and would like to eventually get enough material to do a trade (100-120 pages, we’re at about 60 right now, not counting bonus materials), but I honestly don’t know when we will both have time again to do it, fun as it is.

There are a a couple options I am considering, which include
-releasing some stories in text form with maybe only one or two illustrations
-drawing the next couple stories myself.
-waiting until Fred has a free couple weeks and hunkering through a massive number of pages in a short time… but that could take a while.

I hate to do it without Fred as he adds so,so much to this, its his project as well, and he draws far far better than I do, but it is a possibility I’ve been considering for a while as his schedule continues to remain very full.

I am at the very least going to recompile the bonus materials that were lost when we upgraded the site several months back and had to rework the archive. Quite a few bits and pieces that haven’t been up in a while.

Let me know what you guys think. If you just want to see more of the gang, I can provide *something!* Even if it’s just some text adventures…